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Transform Your Fashion Strategy with Visual AI Preference Analytics

Help fashion shoppers discover the products they love most
You can create targeted promotions and discounts that are more likely to convert, and ultimately increase customer loyalty and drive more revenue for your business. If you're looking to improve your site’s customer experience and take your fashion ecommerce business to the next level, get access to your site’s preference analytics to gain a competitive edge.

The Rosetta AI secret sauce: Visual AI Preference Analytics, in six hot ecommerce flavors

Skin Care, Beauty & Cosmetics, Apparel, Jewelry & Accessories, Babies & Maternal, and Lifestyle Goods.

Visual AI Preference Analytics in six hot ecommerce flavors

Upgrade your site so it sees your best selling product attributes, gets to know your VIPs

Visual AI recognizes what shoppers love about what you sell. The more they shop, the more your site will know your best customers.
AI Visual Recognition featuring apparel tags related to a fashionable young girl.
You'll be able to capture the same attribute-level data used the worlds busiest marketplaces like Amazon, and develop actionable customer profiles that automatically recommend just the right thing for just the right shopper. 

Better data and a mature recommendation system

Based on over 5 years of continual refinements from Rosetta AI client feedback, this system learns more about your shoppers, drives more traffic and sells smarter.

See what it can do for you...
Create a preference analytics database
Create a preference analytics database
By analyzing your customers' preferences, behavior, and purchasing habits, you can create effective marketing campaigns that are more likely to convert with the right audience.
Decrease marketing costs
Get better data for ads that drive traffic
For brands selling clothing, cosmetics, and accessories, customer preference data works best for creating personalized retargeting ads that drive more shoppers to your site.
Reduce your overstocked inventory
Reduce your overstocked inventory
Detailed preference analytics and site-wide recommenders help with inventory management, letting you push products that aren't selling to the just right customers.

Superior product tags by fashion industry experts

Our 3000+ product tags are written by fashion and beauty industry experts. The AI recognizes product image attributes and tags auto-generate for you, vastly improving your site's searchability for style-savvy shoppers.
3D representation of the layers of data behind a virtual storefront.

Save time on product tagging and do it better

Rosetta AI automatically delivers highly-detailed labeling so you can improve the accuracy of your product tagging without lifting a finger. Plus, you can customize the tagging system for your use case.
Featured: Fashion & Beauty Cross Selling for Shopify App Store
Fashion & Beauty Cross SellingCreate customer journeys that convert with superior shopper preference data and website tools designed exclusively for cross-selling fashion and lifestyle products.

How does Rosetta AI improve your site’s product discovery?

One tool with multiple solutions for each vital step in the ecommerce sales cycle Preferred attributes are a valuable source of first-party data. It lets you cross sell more to individual shoppers and increase average order value.
One tool with multiple solutions for each vital step in the ecommerce sales cyclePreferred attributes are a valuable source of first-party data. It lets you cross sell more to individual shoppers and increase average order value.

We passionately serve clients in apparel, cosmetics, and accessories. Their success is our success.

Codibook background

K-Fashion Site Eases Workload with No-Code Personalization, Increases Sales 51%

Codibook is a Korean fashion ecommerce multi-brand website known for its shopping community of over 800000 “coordinators,” who create their favorite outfits from over 70 different online retailers and then share them with other online shoppers. So traffic wasn’t a problem for Codibook, but ROI on personalized marketing conversions was.