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The Rosetta AI Referral Reward Program

Rosetta AI is a SaaS company serving over 2,000 fashion ecommerce brands. We are currently building an ecosystem for global fashion brands to help them create more sales opportunities. We believe that good products and brands speak for themselves. With more exposure, our partners find their destined buyers successfully! By joining Rosetta AI, you can keep up with consumer trends in the fashion industry and get a chance to win big referral bonuses.
Rosetta AI Referral reward program
Rosetta AI Partners 2023

Join this program and receive:

black-arrowHigh referral bonuses with no capblack-arrowBrand interviews to increase exposureblack-arrowLatest fashion brand data insights
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3 easy steps to get a reward

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Step 1 - Sign up with Rosetta AI
Partner with over 2,000 fashion ecommerce brands!
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Step 2 - Refer
Share the good news with your friends, stay connected with other like-minded partners, and get the latest insights on fashion industry trends.
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Step 3 - Earn
Referrers who successfully refer within 50 brands will receive a 20% bonus when their referrals close their deals and a 30% bonus for 100 brands. All referrals must include the brand's contact person.
Become a fashion ambassador today! Create more sales opportunities!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Rosetta AI Referral Program work?

Referrer status is required to be a Rosetta AI member. Referrers who successfully refer three brands will receive 5 USD. If you refer five brands, you will receive 10 USD. For each additional brand beyond five, you will receive an additional 5 USD. Referrers will receive a 5% bonus when their referrals successfully close their deals. All referrals must include the brand's contact person.

How do I qualify for this program?

We welcome all fashion ecommerce brands to join us to create more sales opportunities!

How do I sign up for the program?

Please submit your contact information in this page and we will have someone contact you.

Terms of Use

  1. Although the participant may have agreed to the program, Rosetta AI Corporation retains the right to reject the participant as a sponsor, terminate the sponsorship, change the program's content, or terminate the program at any time.
  2. The participant's participation in the program as a Rosetta AI sponsor does not establish a legal relationship between the participant and Rosetta AI Corporation. The participant may not claim to have a legal relationship with Rosetta AI Corporation. Additionally, the participant is not obligated to endorse any particular brand of electronic products by participating in the program as a Rosetta AI Recommender. The participant is also not subject to the direction, supervision, or evaluation of Rosetta AI Corporation. Any prize money awarded to the referrer must comply with the program's rules and regulations, and the participant may not seek reimbursement from Rosetta AI Corporation for any expenses incurred.
  3. Rosetta AI Corporation may amend the Terms of Use at any time. The amended Terms of Use will become effective for the participant upon publication of the official program account and notification by a promotional message.

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