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Preference Analytics
Preference Analytics
Find your unique consumer insights
Personalized Product Recommenders
Personalized Product Recommenders
Use your insights for conversion optimization
Hesitant Customer Detection
Hesitant Customer Detection
Prevent hesitant customers from bouncing
Personalized Omnichannel Marketing
Personalized Omnichannel Marketing
Be proactive on customer retention

See desires, guide journeys, grow faster

Know your shoppers and cross-sell more with the only 1-to-1 Personalization Platform optimized for apparel, cosmetics and accessories. Generated by AI Visual Recognition and NLP.
What does do
Used worldwide by over 1,000 ecommerce sites clients make giant gains


Average order value increase


Conversion rate increase


Revenue per visitor increase

2020 statistics from merchants using

Making first-party data more valuable for merchants of all sizes

Discover what shoppers see and what they desire in what they’re clicking. Empower your site with 1-to-1 personalized engagement across every customer journey.

Master the 3Cs of Ecommerce

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Preference Analytics

Find your unique

Consumer Insights

Your shoppers’ personal desires can be seen in your brand’s first-party data, and then compiled into GDPR-compliant preference profiles optimized for apparel, beauty and accessories.Read Moreblue-arrow
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Personalized Product Recommenders

Use your insights for

Conversion Optimization

Cross-sell more often using true 1-to-1 personalized recommenders based on real-time individual preferences. Show shoppers the looks they love every time they shop.Read Moreblue-arrow
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Hesitant Customer Detection and Personalized Omnichannel Marketing

Be proactive on

Customer Retention

Prevent hesitant customers from bouncing by setting up timely promotions and personalized re-marketing campaigns. It’s cheaper than retargeting shoppers and finding new ones.Read Moreblue-arrow
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The 1-to-1 Personalization Platform

By Rosetta.aiKnow what your shoppers intend to buy...See what shoppers see in what they want, as they shop. Is it the neckline? The sleeve? The material? The app analyzes it and provides personalized recommenders that convert more cross-sells.... and when they intend to bounce.The app lets you set discount promotions activated by hesitant shopper behavior -- and it provides personalized insights for remarketing.

We support the top eCommerce platforms with more to come


Good products sell themselves to the right people was founded on the belief that good products sell themselves to the right people.
HowOur mission is to build the bridges that connect great products to each unique customer journey.
WhatTo achieve this mission we add value to first-party data for merchants of all sizes and provide tools to analyze shopper desires, cross sell more accurately and retain more customers.

We passionately serve clients in apparel, cosmetics and accessories. Their success is our success.

Blue Way Merges Online-Offline Consumer Insights, ups ROAS 15x

With six decades of innovation under its belt, designers at Blue Way know how to make denim styles people love — and their marketers know how to scale business. For Blue Way OMO (online-merge-offline) Executive Assistant Eric Huang, continuing this tradition in 2022 means increasing ROAS both online and off and he found an online marketing platform to do it.

Good products sell themselves to the right people