Rosetta AI TeamRosetta AI as a brand aiming to grow into the global market, has worked to create an international team both at both our HQ in Taipei and remotely from Egypt to Japan!
How do you stop being overwhelmed by data? Easy. You just give the best choices.
Key MilestonesRosetta AI is a Taiwan-based SaaS pioneer of preference analytics and personalized recommendation systems. Its aim is to amplify revenue for fashion-related ecommerce websites and are planning on expanding throughout APAC in 2022 and worldwide in 2023. Since its founding in 2017 it has gained international recognition including Forbes Top 25 Machine Learning Companies (2020), Analytics Insights Top 10 Machine Learning Companies (20220), and most recently it was nominated as a top "moonshot startup in 2022" by venture capital firm, 500 Global.
More happy, less hassleWe identify each item’s unique fashion aesthetic attributions. Mapping a unique combination of desire attributes to each individual shopper based on real-time browsing data. Showing the items. In the end, we focus on growth ecommerce merchants’ revenue together.
our was founded on the belief that good products sell themselves to the right people in the right channels
MissionOur mission is to build the bridges that connect great product to each unique customer journey.
HowWe provide tools to analyze customer intent, cross sell more and retain more customers.
our core values are
Resourcefulwe find inventiveness ways to achieve our goals and bounce back quickly from adversity.
EmpathyWe are open, approachable and actively listen to understand other people’s emotions.
AccountabilityWe own our results, good and bad. We don’t pass the buck.
Rosetta AI wishes to be the key to unraveling first-party data and empower online businesses through enhancing their website's product discovery experience.

we are...