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Taiwan 618 Shopping day, product recommendations, discount promotional popups

What is Taiwan’s 618 Shopping Day? Plus, 3 Tips for Creating Customized Discounts That Convert

Get to know this special shopping day and plan your high-converting sales and marketing activities ahead of time.
Rosetta AI Team
The TeamMay 30th 20234 min read
Three happy ladies fist pumping with glee on Taiwan's 618 Shopping Day.

Lucky numbers, shoppers and marketing

All over Asia, but especially in China and Taiwan, lucky numbers hold cultural importance and play a prominent role in the retail shopping experience. Certain numbers are believed to bring good luck and prosperity, influencing consumer behavior and even shaping marketing strategies.

Shops hold special sales on numerologically significant dates like November 11, and December 12 and the lucky numbers 6, 8, and 9 often come into play to create a positive perception of their offerings.

For the 618 Shopping Day the number 6 is believed to symbolize smoothness and wealth, while 8 is considered extremely lucky as it sounds similar to the word for "prosperity" or "wealth" in Mandarin Chinese.

How to have a prosperous 618

June 18 is an annual battleground for ecommerce stores. Various platforms and branded websites offer discount sales an special promotions to attract consumers.

And as 618 approaches, everyone gets ready for the event. Let Rosie introduce some tips to help your store be the place where shoppers feel lucky about spending!

1. Stick to the theme: Create discounts with the numbers 6, 1, 8

When developing discounts, stick to the theme of 618 to ensure that consumers can immediately associate the activity with 618:

A young lady thinking about campaign ideas for Taiwan's 618 Shopping Day.

  • 61% off: For products with better profits, we can offer a 61% discount to make the discount more attractive.
  • 18% off: For popular products, we can offer items for 82% of their original price and bundle other popular items as promotional products to attract more consumers to browse your website or participate in activities.
  • 618 yuan purchase: For high-priced or popular products, you can offer a 618 yuan purchase activity. Each purchase product can be limited to 3-5 things, not requiring too much profit, but this kind of activity can attract consumers to discuss and enjoy the purchase.

Design different types of preferential schemes for different products to increase consumers' attention and participation while enhancing our relevance to 618.

2. Multi-channel communication: Create attractive materials and communicate with consumers through various channels

During the discount season, customers' social channels will be occupied by various advertisements, so we need to use various channels to communicate with consumers as much as possible to ensure that your activities can attract their attention.

Layout examples of discount promotional popups featuring the Rosetta AI hesitant customer detection algorithm.

  • Discount Banner: Design a catchy activity banner so that consumers can immediately understand the discount message you provide. You lay out a design to and create a consumer experience that’s attractive and fun. Encourage them to continue reading, clicking and consuming to get more discounts.
  • Advertising layout: Combine product photos and model pictures on your advertising layout to reduce consumers' sense of unknown and attract interested consumers to click in and consume immediately.
  • Site layout: You can use to present popular products to customers, allowing them to find the products they like faster.
  • Rosetta AI : When the AI judges that the customer is hesitating, the pop-up window will immediately display the discount code, allowing consumers to click to copy and use it on the checkout page, increasing their willingness to place orders.
  • Remarketing: In addition to recommendations, discount promotions and enhanced layouts, you can also send sale information to members on your email list, just in case they don’t see your ads.

These methods can help us communicate better with consumers, ensuring that our activities can stand out. The key is to use various visual elements and personalized recommendations to attract consumers' attention and stimulate their buying willingness.

3. Order rewards: Reduce consumers' time to complete orders and provide them with incentives to order right away

Free shipping promotion popup example for 618 and a model posing.

From adding to the shopping cart to completing the checkout, the final stage is the critical stage. To reduce hesitation to place orders faster you can provide more discounts or rewards to encourage them.

  • Free shipping for orders over 618 yuan: Free shipping is one of the most effective ways to increase conversion rates. Offering free shipping for orders over 618 yuan can eliminate consumers' concerns about shipping costs when placing orders, thereby reducing the psychological pressure to place orders.
  • Gifts for orders over a certain amount: By setting a higher-than-average customer unit price of gifts for orders over a certain amount, we can increase the customer unit price and increase consumers' motivation to place orders. In this way, consumers will increase their consumption amount for the gift they like and feel the extra value of the order, which will also increase their satisfaction with the entire order.
  • Double points for members: The anniversary period is also a good time to reward loyal members. You can provide rewards such as double points during the promotion period to attract loyal members to consume more actively. This can express gratitude to members and encourage them to consume more during the promotion period.

Through the design of these preferential activities, we can effectively stimulate consumers' willingness to place orders, increase the conversion rate during the anniversary period, and create more performance!

A product recommender on a website with a 618 Shopping Day.

Final thoughts

Through the above-mentioned strategies, you can plan a series of activities centered around 618, effectively attract consumers' attention and stimulate their purchasing willingness, thereby increasing sales and enhancing your brand image.

However, to ensure the success of the activity, you need careful planning, preparation, and execution, designing different activities for products with different characteristics or price ranges. You must also closely monitor consumers' feedback and needs, , so that you can develop more accurate marketing strategies in the future.

Through such efforts, you have the opportunity to win consumers' favor during the 618 Shopping Day and lay a solid foundation for performance growth in the second half of the year.

Encourage engagement with customizable recommenders and fun promotional popups

When customers hesitate display a discount code, encourage consumers to copy it and use it on the checkout page