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Full-funnel No-code Ecommerce Personalization Software With Handy Recommender Presets

Getting the right personalization software on your branded website is easier than ever, affordable for SMBs, and shoppers expect it now
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Ian McKinnonFebruary 9th 20233 min read

Shoppers everywhere expect website personalization in 2023 — especially for businesses selling to consumers looking to express themselves with apparel, cosmetics and accessories. These picky shoppers respond well to personalized recommendations and will often add to cart when they see something they like.

The easy way to personalize your whole site

As it turns out, personalizing the customer experience on your branded website is getting easier all the time. Nowadays you can cross sell with true 1-to-1 personalized recommendations on any page of your site and setting it up takes just a few minutes.

Colorful marketing funnel infographic for ecommerce personalization software

You can sign up with an affordable software-as-a-service provider like Rosetta AI and get access to cross-selling tools via a the dashboard. From there you’re in control to set up recommenders on your site in a snap.

The Rosetta AI dashboard showing the preset recommenders

Once you get the hang of it you can go on to create custom recommenders, but the faster way, when you’re just staring out, is to select one of the optimized recommender presets. These presets are designed so that you don’t have to go through the trouble to select which type, layout and page are most suitable for your situation.

Preset recommenders are proven cross selling solutions

Each preset was designed with feedback from clients in the Rosetta AI Double-AOV-Club as well as with constant experimentation over the last 4 years with beta users.

If you’re selling visually appealing products like apparel, cosmetics and accessories, these presets are already configured to out-perform generic recommender systems.

Try the presets for 30 days for free

Personalize your entire apparel and lifestyle customer journey and begin boosting sales today

The Rosetta AI preset recommenders

Each of preset recommenders has a preset recommendation type, page and layout optimized to best help your customers at that particular stage of your funnel. Read more about the Rosetta AI recommender types here and layouts here.

Love at first site

Homepage recommendation that works wonders for both first-time and returning customers. Get them to love your products at first sight. Convert browsers into buyers.

Recommendation type: You'll love me™

Page: Homepage

Layout: In-page Carousel

1st-rate first impression

Homepage popup recommendation that quickly catches your first-time visitors’ attention with your best products.

Recommendation type: Steadily popular

Page: Homepage

Layout: Bottom-left Popup

Up your trend, up your sales

Increase sales by bringing attention to your most trendy items as customers browse deeper into your Product List Page.

Recommendation type: Trending now

Page: Product List Page

Layout: In-page Carousel

Fresh-n-hot option

This tiny widget gives customers hot new items to consider as they browse the Product List Page.

Recommendation type: Suddenly Hot

Page: Product List Page

Layout: Right Edge Tab Popup

Better discovery, better conversions

Help your customers quickly find what they’re looking for in the Product Details Page, plus what they’ll surprisingly love!

Recommendation type: Similar Products

Page: Product Details Page

Layout: In-page Carousel

Basket size boost

Increase AOV by upselling and cross-selling items that customers will want to add into their Shopping Cart.

Recommendation type: Frequently Bought Together

Page: Shopping Cart Page

Layout: In-page Carousel

Besides these 6 presets, there is also the option to create custom recommenders on of your own. As time goes on you may want to try to “Create a custom Recommender.” Just click the button with those very words in the upper right corner to choose a set up that suits your use case especially well. You can then choose a recommender type and layout and then place on whatever page you want.

Final thoughts

The value of a Rosetta AI subscription goes far beyond the front end recommenders setups. The much more valuable part is how the backend data (your product catalog) is put to use.

The Rosetta AI preference analytics system has an extremely fashion-savvy understanding of your product attributes, so as shoppers browse your products the AI has a sophisticated understanding of what shoppers see in the products they want.

Anonymous preference profiles build over time and as your VIP shoppers return your site gets to know what they want to see better and better.

Detailed preference data boosts sales

Your preference data becomes more detailed, your recommendations become more accurate, cross sells happen more often, and conversion rates rise.

The improved first-party data and its application to recommender and promotional website tools means double AOV for many Rosetta AI clients and it’s the reason the tech industry is calling the solution a moonshot.

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