Rosetta AdMatch
Rosetta AdMatch
Drive High-Spending Intent Traffic
Rosetta Engage
Rosetta Engage
Boost CVR with AI-powered Interaction
Rosetta Analytics
Rosetta Analytics
Enhance Product Competitiveness and Member Management
Rosetta Automation
Rosetta Automation
Automated Marketing Journey Design

AdMatch Tailored Advertisements for Retail Brands

With a database containing the lifestyle aesthetics and fashion shopping preferences of over twenty million consumers, our platform ensures your product advertisements receive higher engagement and conversions!

Exclusive Cross-Site Traffic Funneling: Boost Your Profits with Ads

With over a thousand exclusive advertising placements, we maximize the utilization of traffic from your website! 1. Delivering more precise audience targeting to increase your earnings substantially! 2. Performance-based pricing, guaranteed results.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Provide Your Website Share your website and the products you want to promote.
Step 2 - Confirm Advertising Budget Utilize a prepaid system – you're only charged when a transaction occurs! No additional service fees.
Step 3 - Assistance with Tracking Codes Setup Our team will assist in configuring relevant tracking codes, saving your marketing team valuable time!
Step 4 - Access Comprehensive Data Reports You can access complete data reports through GA or our dashboard, with dedicated experts available to interpret the data.

Famous Accessories Brand Performance


Our AI automatically identifies similar customer segments, expanding your brand's reach to new audiences!

Within just one day, there were approximately 300 clicks leading to your brand's official website, resulting in nearly ten thousand dollars in sales. The advertising cost was $1,000, with a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 10. Brands included in this campaign: MIUSTAR, BLUE WAY, 花田囍飾, amai, and other renowned fashion, beauty, and accessory brands.

Current Performance Metrics