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Preference Analytics
Preference Analytics
Find your unique consumer insights
Personalized Product Recommenders
Personalized Product Recommenders
Use your insights for conversion optimization
Hesitant Customer Detection
Hesitant Customer Detection
Prevent hesitant customers from bouncing
Personalized Omnichannel Marketing
Personalized Omnichannel Marketing
Be proactive on customer retention

Personalized Omnichannel Marketing

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Recover more abandoned carts with personalized messages

Re-marketing via SMS, email and chatbots is extremely effective and even more so with 1-to-1 personalization from your first-party data.

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Shoppers are more likely to check SMS than email while they’re mobile and conversions are even more likely with the personal touch.
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Inboxes are overflowing nowadays but sending true 1-to-1 personalized messages to shoppers who abandon carts still converts at 11%.
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You can customize offers according to products your shoppers previously interacted with on your website, especially on your check-out page. personalized marketing insights can be used via top ecommerce messaging apps

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K-Fashion Site Eases Workload with No-Code Personalization, Increases Sales 51%

Codibook is a Korean fashion ecommerce multi-brand website known for its shopping community of over 800000 “coordinators,” who create their favorite outfits from over 70 different online retailers and then share them with other online shoppers. So traffic wasn’t a problem for Codibook, but ROI on personalized marketing conversions was.