Personalized Product Recommenders
Personalized Product Recommenders
Your customer data, your conversion optimization
AI Exit-intent Promotions
AI Exit-intent Promotions
Prevent hesitant shoppers from bouncing
Visual AI Preference Analytics
Visual AI Preference Analytics
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AI Exit-intent Promotions

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Reduce your bounce rate

Smart, AI-driven Hesitant Customer Detection automates timely promotional banners, popups and more so your site engages shoppers personally.

Nurture customers naturally

Traditional popups appear predictably when shoppers click items, or add to cart or during tab switching events. On the other hand, Rosetta AI promotions with patented Hesitant Customer Detection algorithms appear when a shopper is truly uncertain and about to bounce, making the likelihood of a conversion much higher.
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Big brand tools for your SMB

These same AI exit-intent promotions helped L’Oreal Luxe brand shu uemura time their discount offers to customers better and they improved CVR by 140%. We've made them affordable and available for brands of all sizes.

How to install?

1. Upload your image

Design your promotion exactly as you want it to appear and then upload it.

2. Customize your promotion

You can set banner or coupon promotions, the page you want to run them on, the period you want them to run, and even the trigger type which offers the Rosetta AI Hesitant customer detection feature.

We passionately serve clients in apparel, cosmetics and accessories. Their success is our success.

How L’Oréal Wins Big Online, One Shopper at A Time

L’Oréal Luxe Division brand, shu uemura, specializes in makeup and cleansing oils made famous by the legendary Japanese makeup artist himself. See how they used personalized CX and AI automation to boost revenue 149%