AI Exit-intent Promotions, Your Sales Booster

Cracking the Abandoned Cart Code
Rosetta AI - AI Exit-intent Promotions

Hesitant Customer Detection

Smart, AI-driven Hesitant Customer Detection automates timely promotional banners, popups and more so your site engages shoppers without being annoying.

Nurture customers naturally

Traditional promotional popups appear immediately when shoppers click items or add to cart and most shoppers don't respond. Rosetta AI promotions are different. After years of testing with our best clients, our Hesitant Customer Detection algorithms can present just the right kind of promotion at just the right time.
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Boost conversions with better promotions

AI exit-intent promotions helped Shu Uemura time their discount offers to customers better and they improved CVR by 140%.

How to install?

1. Upload your image

1. Upload your image

Design your promotion exactly as you want it to appear and then upload it.

2. Customize your promotion

You can set banner or coupon promotions, the page you want to run them on, the period you want them to run, and even the trigger type which offers the Rosetta AI Hesitant customer detection feature.

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