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AI-Powered Fashion Cross Selling Tool Now on Shopify App Store

TechCrunch calls fast moving Taiwanese SaaS startup a moonshot  
The TeamNovember 9th 20222 min read
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The Rosetta AI Fashion & Beauty Cross Sells app was released on the Shopify app store. The app provides unique recommender and promotion tools optimized for SMB merchants in the fashion-related fields of apparel, cosmetics and accessories.

Hailed a moonshot by TechCrunch at this year’s 500 Global fundraising event, the company’s personalization solutions are at work in over 2500 online retail stores across Asia and drive a gross merchandise volume (GMV) of $3.5M. Annual recurring revenue (ARR) is $3.4M with a 200% growth rate.

The Taiwan-based SaaS provider has had remarkable success in APAC in the last five years serving brands with its Fashion Shopper Preference Analytics.

Now, Rosetta AI is turning its focus to the global SMB fashion market via Shopify.

“Our mission is to level the playing field for SMB brands by providing the same awesome data insights that big brands use so they can understand their customers better and provide happier, hassle free shopping,” said Alice Li, co-founder and COO of Rosetta AI.

Websites subscribing to the Rosetta AI service benefit from years of data analysis. The company’s inhouse fashion industry experts constantly annotate fashion and beauty images to train the AI to recognize key attributes that matter for fashion. They continually create and update product tags (thousands of them) based on the latest terms used by today’s trendiest shoppers. Five years of user testing with Rosetta AI clients has resulted in unique, award-winning recommender types (RecSys Challenge finalist, 2019), all fine-tuned to maximize up & cross-sells for fashion-related ecommerce sites.

CEO Daniel Huang's vision is to make a disruptive personalization tool that improves the shopping experience amplifies revenue for fashion ecommerce merchants

"Fashion shoppers are supremely picky. They know what they like and they know how to search for it. Our job is to make sure our clients’ websites are optimized for that reality.,” said Daniel Huang, co-founder and CEO of Rosetta AI.

Huang asserts that the preference analysis he delivers with Rosetta AI is their competitive advantage and that, “it adds tremendous value to our clients’ raw first-party data. We analyze what’s there and make it actionable for doing better business online.”

About Rosetta AI
Rosetta AI is a revenue amplifier, providing outstanding preference analysis plus promotion and recommender tools optimized for fashion-related ecommerce.

Check out the app on the Shopify App Store.

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CEO Daniel Huang, Business Development Head Hermione Tsai and COO Alice LI.

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