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Our MissionOur mission is to identify each item’s unique fashion aesthetic attributions. Mapping a unique combination of desire attributes to each individual shopper based on real-time browsing data. Showing the items. In the end, we focus on growth ecommerce merchants’ revenue together.
Deal RegistrationGot a lead? We want to know about it! Tell us who you are talking with and where you are in the discussion. We can work with you to show your customer the value and your team can drive for their business.
Training & SupportWant to know more about our products? Did we release a feature you want to learn how to use? Do you or your client need some extra help? This is the place! Registered partners - Your App Login is your Passkey.
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Partnership Program Benefits
Referral fees
Earn commission when you referral to Rosetta AI
Learn how to provide expert services to our shared clients
Technology/MKT Access
Access to rapid development
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