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How Rosetta AI’s Hesitant Customer Detection Converts and Retains more ShoppersYears of testing with Rosetta AI’s best clients have yielded the optimal mix of personalization and good timing for website recommenders and promotions.
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Ian McKinnonMarch 8th 20232 min read

The Rosetta AI Hesitant Customer Detection system stops shoppers from bouncing at the optimal time and presents just the right offer to convert them.

Each shopper is given a “hesitation score” as they complete the customer journey on your site. Their hesitation score determines what kind of incentive they will get which can include a personalized product recommendation, a promotion banner or a coupon code.

Ready to up the sensitivity of your site to your shoppers? Read on below about each of the three hesitation scores and how they trigger different kinds of shopping experiences.

Light hesitation score, 10-30

When a shopper clicks on a product they’re automatically given a hesitation score of 10.

As the shopper continues to click a slide-in Personalized Product Recommendation carousel is shown at the optimal time to encourage more browsing.

This pattern will continue until the customer hesitation score rises to 30.

This type of carousel recommender shows shopper what they want without covering up what they’re already looking at.

Medium hesitation score, 30-70

As the shopper continues the customer journey and arrives on the product details page scrolling the PDP will trigger a medium hesitation score between 30 and 70.

When the customer's hesitation score is between 30 and 70 Rosetta AI will slide in a personalized promotion banner to encourage the customer to add to cart.

A little encouragement like free shipping often keeps shoppers interest as they browse.

Heavy hesitation score, 70 or more

As the customer goes deeper into their journey on the PDP they may jump to other PDPs. This will raise their hesitation score to 70 or more.

When the customer's hesitation score is higher than 70 Rosetta AI will send a coupon code popup decreasing the price of the by 10-20 percent to encourage the customer to buy.

Discount promotions are a sure-fire way to change the shopping intent of a comparison shopper who may be getting ready to bounce from your site.

What are the triggers?

Rosetta AI hesitant customer detection technology combines four triggers to boost conversion and retention, exit intent, scroll behavior, UTM campaigns and new visitors.

Exit intent

Convert abandoning visitors into subscribers the very moment they’re about to leave.

Scroll behavior

Trigger your campaigns based on the exact percentage where a visitor scrolls a page. Perfect for reducing wasted ad spendings.

UTM campaigns

Specify UTM parameters your visitors should follow to trigger a campaign. Enjoy unlimited parameters for all your specific needs.

New visitors

First impressions count. Welcome new visitors with personalized, branded-campaigns to create a memorable first impression.

AI Exit-intent Promotions

Nurture your shoppers naturally, at just the right time.

The best conversion tactic is retention

The Rosetta AI Hesitant Customer Detection system provides an effective way to achieve this ecommerce truism. Retaining customers is much less costly than acquiring new ones, and the system helps stop shoppers from bouncing at the optimal time.

On one hand you’re presenting just the right offer to encourage more browsing, adding to cart, and purchasing. And on the other hand you’re providing a customer experience that sticks with a shopper and motivates them to return to shop again.

Final thoughts

Years of testing with Rosetta AI’s best clients have yielded the optimal mix of personalization and good timing for recommenders and promotions.

If you’re an SMB or even an enterprise-level merchant in the apparel, cosmetics or accessories ecommerce game — and you’re looking to boost customer conversion and retention — Rosetta AI website plugins are a premium choice to consider.

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