Premium Personalized Product Discovery

Create customer journeys that convert with superior shopper preference data and website tools designed exclusively for cross-selling fashion and lifestyle products.

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Premium Personalized Product Discovery
Used worldwide by over 2000 enterprise and SMB websites

Better customer journeys from beginning... to buy.

Level up your first-party data for site-wide engagement that converts more shoppers and retains more customers


Click-through Rate Increase


Check-out Conversion Increase


Revenue Increase

2023 statistics from clients growing business using Rosetta AI
Site-wide personalized recommendationsNo matter where shoppers are on your site, Visual AI Preference Analytics will know the attributes each shopper sees and use that knowledge to deliver a one-two punch of super accurate personalized recommendation tools and promotional widgets.

Conversion optimization. Customer retention. Consumer insights.

3 ongoing tasks, 1 SaaS solution.

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Personalized Product Recommenders

Conversion Optimization

Cross-sell more from any page of your site with the Rosetta AI 7 recommender types. Each is optimized for fashion-related ecommerce, with algorithms fine-tuned to our best clients' needs. Based on real-time individual preferences, these recommenders get results that boost ROAS big-time!
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AI Exit-intent Promotions

Customer Retention

Step up your promotions with static banners or exit-intent popups featuring Hesitant Customer Detection, our AI-driven churn reducer that shows shoppers what they crave, at just the right time. With eye-catching customizable widgets, your promotions will pop and your bounce rate will drop!
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Visual AI Preference Analytics

Consumer Insights

Visual AI sees which product attributes your shoppers want as they browse your site and helps build preference profiles optimized for apparel, beauty and accessories. This visual detail makes recommendations surprisingly accurate for each individual shopper so you can deliver Amazon-like recommendation power that's affordable for your SMB website.

Putting your people at the heart of the online shopping experience...

so your customers' journeys are always personalized.

Check out the customer stories from brands that have grown business with Rosetta AI
Blue Way background

Blue Way Merges Online-Offline Consumer Insights, ups ROAS 15X

With six decades of innovation under its belt, designers at Blue Way know how to make denim styles people love — and their marketers know how to scale business. For Blue Way OMO (online-merge-offline) Executive Assistant Eric Huang, continuing this tradition in 2022 means increasing ROAS both online and off and he found an online marketing platform to do it.
We support top ecommerce platforms in Asia and and Shopify for our global clients