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Together, from Good to Great

The Family embodies hacker culture, meaning we never settle for good, but seek creative ways to achieve greatness — together. We build cutting edge technology that people really need. When you join us you will be focused on interesting problems and awesome solutions that make meaningful differences.


“Make your mama proud" 🙌🏻

Hey 👋🏻 we are looking for super-doers to join this solid team, who are not shy to share ideas and take responsibility to make great things come true. We want people who can embrace the uncertainty of trial and error. We aren't looking for people who are always right, but rather those who can always make it right.
Wiki (Fun Facts)

Diversified 🌏🌎🌍

We're a well-rounded group of SaaS killers of various nationalities.

Meow 🐱

Are you a cat person? We have 38 cats and cats are cute. :3

Balanced 🥨

Our gender ratio is a healthy and natural 1:1.

Happier at work

Work Time

  • Flextime - 8 hrs a day
  • Birthday Leave - Enjoy "your day"
  • Remote Wednesday - Reset, reflect and deep focused work

Work Place

  • Company laptop & screen
  • Unlimited coffee, milk/soy milk, juice and beer 🍻
  • Wishlist for your favorite snacks, drinks and cool stuff to make your work station nice

Work Life Balance

  • Growth Program - Training courses that are valuable to your growth are on us 🤘🏻
  • Clubs - Find meaningful fellowship to fill your life with fun and laughter 🤓
  • Events - Regular outings and team days

Enjoy your LIFE ... ... Love your WORK

We encourage our team members to pursue their passions and interests in life beyond the office, to explore the world, find new energy and motivation, build amazing connections and have healthy and supportive networks. This mentality makes work a better place for everyone.


How does it feel to work at

It feels like your are one of the best at what you're doing.

Do I need to speak fluent English to join the team?

Language is a tool and communication is the key. We are looking for confident people who know how to voice ideas and communicate thoughts.

What's the process of Rosetta's recruitment?

Our approach is Review → Interview → Task → Interview → Offer. In between, feel free to schedule an office visit with us to feel the vibe.

Join us on our mission