Fashion & Beauty Personalized Product Recommenders

Fashion & Beauty Personalized Product Recommenders

Real 1-to-1 personalization: know the difference!

Our system uses advanced algorithms to analyze customer data and provide tailored product recommendations, which not only improves the customer experience but also increases the likelihood of conversion and customer loyalty.
Real 1-to-1 personalization: know the difference!
These convert more than the rules-based segmented recommendations commonly found on ecommerce platforms.

Recommenders optimized for ecommerce with visual appeal

If your website sells items with visual appeal like apparel, cosmetics, or accessories, these recommender types are just for you. After 5 years of development with our best clients we've fine-tuned our personalization algorithms in 7 different ways to meet their needs. They can be used on any page of your site and the wording, look and feel are all fully customizable.
Rosetta AI 7 product recommendation types with customizable wording

Cross-sell more, increase AOV

If you're ready to get real about boosting cross-sells and return on ad spend the Rosetta AI recommenders will be your new best friend. Get the most out of your hard earned traffic!


Average order value increase


Conversion rate increase


Revenue increase

Ecommerce can use any recommendation on any page of your site
Rosetta AI personalized recommendation

How recommenders look on a website

The recommenders are in-page carousels and/or popups optimized for mobile and desktop and they’re all customizable so you can adjust where they sit and make them match your brand’s look.
Rosetta AI personalized recommendation

Creating recommenders on the backend is fast and easy

Setting up your first recommender is quick! In just a few clicks you can be up and running.

We support the top ecommerce platforms in Asia and Shopify for global clients


How to install?

1. Sign up

1. Sign up

Create an account for your ecommerce website.

2. Log in and "Start free trial”

Verify your email and log in. You can follow the onboarding tour to start your free trial.

3. Build your recommenders

You can choose the recommender type and design the layout of the recommendation.

4. Launch your recommenders

You can see the recommenders that you design on your website.

We passionately serve clients in apparel, cosmetics, and accessories. Their success is our success.

Codibook background

K-Fashion Site Eases Workload with No-Code Personalization, Increases Sales 51%

Codibook is a Korean fashion ecommerce multi-brand website known for its shopping community of over 800000 “coordinators,” who create their favorite outfits from over 70 different online retailers and then share them with other online shoppers. So traffic wasn’t a problem for Codibook, but ROI on personalized marketing conversions was.

Personalized Product Recommenders