Preference Analytics
Preference Analytics
Find your unique consumer insights
Personalized Product Recommenders
Personalized Product Recommenders
Use your insights for conversion optimization
Hesitant Customer Detection
Hesitant Customer Detection
Prevent hesitant customers from bouncing
Personalized Omnichannel Marketing
Personalized Omnichannel Marketing
Be proactive on customer retention

Hesitant Customer Detection

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Reduce your cart abandonment rate

Hesitant customer detection automates timely recommendations and promotions so you can engage your shoppers before they churn.

How to spot comparison shoppers?

The AI does it for you. It detects hesitant behavior when items get clicked, or added to cart and during tab switching — and then presents timely discount offers.
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Retain more customers and increase conversion

Hesitant shopper detection helped L’Oreal Luxe brand Shu Uemura offer discount promotions to customers about to bounce and they improved CVR by 140%

How to install?

1. Provide your discount / promotion graph to the sales

You can provide your promotion/discount graphs through the chatbot in the web app or by contacting our sales team.

2. Fulfill the integration

It only takes 1~3 working days to complete the integration after you provide the materials.

We passionately serve clients in apparel, cosmetics and accessories. Their success is our success.

How L’Oréal Wins Big Online, One Shopper at A Time

L’Oréal Luxe Division brand, shu uemura, specializes in makeup and cleansing oils made famous by the legendary Japanese makeup artist himself. See how they used personalized CX and AI automation to boost revenue 149%