Founders' Story formed because like-minded people connected personally, and then professionally.

Our company mission works similarly. We help fashion merchants understand what consumers want so they can make authentic personal connections that drive sales and long term growth.

founder story

The power of consumer insights

Founders Daniel Huang and Alice Li met at the Taipei HackNTU Hackathon — a normal beginning to a startup story. But they shared an abnormal question: what would happen if consumer insights available to big companies became accessible to all companies?

With this in mind, they reached out to top Taiwanese machine learning talent, Steeve Huang, whose work Daniel found on The trio began work on a powerful recommendation engine optimized for fashion. The hard work paid off and soon they out-performed their competitors, delivering highly profitable personalization solutions to merchants all over Asia. Their shared "growth mindset" bonded engineering and marketing and soon attracted funding from SOSV, Loyal VC, Artesianx VC and more.


“Presently, we’re adapting what we’ve learned about ecommerce in Asia and expanding. We’re looking forward to making new connections with growth-focused ecommerce brands, worldwide.”

Daniel Huang, CEO

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