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How Shu Uemura Wins Big Online, One Shopper at A Time

Shu Uemura specializes in cleansing oils and makeup mindfully crafted in Japan. See how they used personalized AI-powered recommenders and promotions to boost revenue 149%


Lots of products to tag; lots of unique customers to engage


Automated tagging; personalized recommenders and promotions


140%Conversion rate increase
109%Average order value increase
149%Revenue increase
“An important goal for us is to build rich, personalized consumer relationships and create content that engages emotionally. Digital technology can do this now, it knows what shoppers want and it has changed the way we market." Jack Wu, Shu Uemura Data Analyst

Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura's marketing strategy follows parent company, L’Oréal Luxe Division, and aims to provide consumers with the best products and a unique shopping experience.But how do they do it? The trick is to build personalized consumer relationships. To make this happen, the Shu Uemura site needed a complete back-to-front digital solution to organize their large cosmetics product line and then recommend the right products to the right customers.
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Lots of products to tag, unique customers to engage

The product line runs deep at Shu Uemura and shoppers tastes vary widely.

So identifying product attributes and finding a way to tag them consistently for online merchandising was the big challenge for Shu Uemura if they wanted to achieve their goal of recommending the ideal product to each individual customer.

In the past, Shu Uemura's Data Team had to identify VIP customers one by one from their database. Then they had to customize segmented marketing campaigns hoping that the segments were accurate and that shoppers would identify with one of them. The process took a lot of time and money and the results were not great.

Realizing this was not a sustainable SOP, the Data Team sought out Rosetta AI and trialed their solution for product tags and customer preferences, as well as the Recommender and Promotion plugins for their marketing website.

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Tagging and Preference Analytics

Rosetta AI automated product tagging for Shu Ueumura. The automation relies on Visual AI and Natural Language Processing trained by inhouse fashion and beauty industry experts. They ensure the AI knows what it's looking at so it can tag what it sees with the most up-to-date terms that shoppers use as they browse.

Personalized Product Recommenders

The Rosetta AI service anaylzes consumer preferences and onsite behavior and recommends the products each shopper wants to see. As shoppers visit, the AI analyzes the context of the experience and recommends just the right thing at just the right time.

The visitor may be on the landing page, category page, product detail page or cart page, but the algorithm always ensures that just the right products are presented in just the right way via in-page carousel recommendation boxes. On their product detail page, Shu Uemura uses “Recommended just for you.”

The longer shoppers visit, the more complete their Preference Profiles become and within just few visits, their shopping experience is a unique one.

AI-exit Intent Promotions

Shu Uemura also uses AI-exit Intent Promotions. Their frequent shoppers get targeted more accurately with promotions that get triggered at the optimal time. The Promotion plugin offers two options:

  • The Promotion Banner shows an image of a campaign that Shu is running, and allows them to set a click-through destination to a page of their choice.
  • The Coupon Code shows an image of a discount code that they are using for a promotion. The code can be conveniently copied by the shopper.

On average, hesitant shoppers make up 10%~20% of all website visitors. However, with the Rosetta AI-Driven trigger, promotion plugins for Shu Uemura are armed with Hesitant Customer Detection. This competitive advantage raised conversion rates for the website by 140%.

More cross sells

The tagging work on the backend enriches individual preference profiles, making recommendations more accurate and driving more cross sells. Whether it's a recommendation box or a promotion, the right offer at the right time makes each experience unique and this matters to shoppers. They click on more products, stay longer and buy more. For Shu Uemura, average order value went up 109%.

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140%Conversion rate increase
109%Average order value increase
149%Revenue increase

Shu Uemura's goals for adding personalization to their online marketing included improving CVR, AOV and revenue, as well as saving time and lowering costs. In less than a year they were able to achieve all those goals with the Rosetta AI personalized marketing solution.

The large gains speak for themselves, with increases of 140% for conversion rate, 109% for average order value and 149% for revenue.

Business growth for Rosetta AI clients like Shu Uemura is steady and strong because the solution offers real 1-to-1 personalization.

Customers are emotionally engaged by the results and the AI-driven automation frees up human resources behind the scenes to focus on other tasks.