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Cross-sell your heart out 💕Five years of user testing with Rosetta AI clients has resulted in our latest assortment of recommenders, fine-tuned to upsell and cross-sell for fashion-related ecommerce sites selling apparel, cosmetics and accessories.
Set it up super fast...It only takes a few minutes to set up a customized recommender on any page of your site.
Watch your shoppers...The AI sees what shoppers see as they shop and figures out the products they love most.
Cross-sell more!Increase average order value and ROAS and make the most of your hard-earned traffic!
Rosetta AI's Unique Recommendation Types
Our recommenders are adaptive and perpetually fine-tuned according to the interaction pattern between your customers and products. Since our recommendation system knows EVERY single item on your store, our recommendations can save browsing time for your customers and help you increase your ROAS.
Recommendation Type
Our “hot” recommender bases its suggestions on items that suddenly burst in popularity.
Recommendation Type
Our “trending” recommender bases its suggestions on items that gained attention fast.
Recommendation Type
Our “popular” recommender bases its suggestions on items that are constantly selling.
Recommendation Type
Like What You’ve Bought Before
Our “like what you’ve bought before” recommender bases its suggestions on the user’s previous behavior on your website.
Recommendation Type
Frequently Bought Together
Our “frequently bought together” recommender cross matches your customers buying behaviors and bundles items together.
Recommendation Type
Similar Items
Our “similar items” recommends items with similar attributes to items in view on the page.
Not sure what recommender type to select? Try: You'll love me™If you are not sure which type to select, stick with the "You’ll love me™" type. This type is suitable to use in any page because it is a smart amalgamation of several types and will adapt according to shopper’s behavior and where they are in their shopping journey.
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